my7 Side Sleeper Pillow - Filling


Micro beads, Thera-RHOMB® & fleece padding

my7 uses the decades of experience of Europe's largest nursing pillow manufacturer, Theraline. In my7, Theraline combines the strengths of three different filling materials to create a new unique Sleeping Comfort in the anatomically advantageous seven shape. There are many sleeping pillows that are soft and cuddly, but they are often far too soft and weakly filled. As a result, legs and knees are usually no longer adequately supported after a short time - the body loses its balance. Pillows with fillings of natural husks or polystyrene beads are very stable, but rustle far too much for most tired spirits and are quite hard to sleep on. Thanks to a unique pillow construction, my7 manages to avoid exactly these weak points.