Tips for quickly putting on pillowcases:

quickly putting on pillowcases

Hold up a 15-20 cm long "nose" at the top end of the pillow. This causes the filling, which is not held, to fully drop into the lower part of the pillow. Now push the "nose" into the very end of your pillowcase. As you turn the pillow, hold onto the lining fabric with one hand from the outside.
After the filling has dropped into the lower part, take a new "nose" on the other side and push the pillow all the way to the end again. Now you just need to distribute the filling evenly in both ends of the pillow and you can then do up the zip.









Theraline does not recommend utilisation as a bed border or baby nest before the baby is at least 12 months old. Midwives and physicians basically do not recommend using any pillows in the sleeping environment of babies.



Care and washing

The inlet and outer pillow cases are 100% cotton, and can be washed at up to 60° C.

Warranty shall cease if the pillow is not used with a pillow case or is washed, as this serves to prevent the beads from spilling out if the inlet is damaged. Here is a tip: Wash outer pillow cases turned to the "left" with a closed zipper.

Use dryer only at the lowest setting with sufficient room for the inlet pillow and outer pillowcase to move. Only treat the fabric of the inlet pillow with spray disinfectant. Bleaches or detergents containing chlorine should be avoided.
Filling material that leaks out may block respiratory tracts. Filling that comes out may damage your washing machine.