The Plushy Moon

Handy tummy support & breastfeeding pillow

Comfortable head & neck pillow

Cuddly snuggling & reading pillow


The Plushy Moon

The combination counts

Fantastically cuddly terry plush combined with ultra-flexible stretch material and filled with original micro-beads create sleep & relaxation comfort as never before. Your head simply always lies in the right position.

Let yourself be tempted and touched!


The Plushy Moon



The Theraline Plushy Moon is unbelievably soft and cuddly and helps provide fantastic moments of relaxation.
It is a light maternity & nursing pillow you can carry around with you - ideal for all those who already have the large size and are active. Its special shape allows taller woman to elevate their babies' head higher than other small nursing pillows do.
What more can a person wish for …

The Magic of Touch

close up terry plush and elastan/spandexCuddly terry cloth plush combined with ultra-flexible stretch cotton and filled with the fine sand-like original micro beads creates a comfort in a pillow never experienced before.



Product information

External dimensions: approx. 140 cm x 27 cm,
Filling quantity: approx. 17 litres
Possible fillings: EPS micro-beads